Treatments and times vary for individuals

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You're a beautiful canvas, and I am all about helping your inner beauty emerge. I create healing inspired by your personal needs, event taken place and your needs and requirements for the session. I have the ability to listen and create an individual treatment that is perfect for you.  Professionally and confidentially, bringing you back to yourself. 

The list below is just a few examples of  what can you have Clinical Hypnotherapy for:-



Side effects of cancer treatments

Irritable bowel syndrome

Skin conditions 

High blood pressure

Migraine headache




Eating disorders

Post traumatic stress disorder

habits like smoking, alcohol, nail biting




Childhood trauma


Greif, Loss, Bereavement


Relaxation |  £33

Hypnotherapy Individual session |  £44

Smoking  Habit |  £66

Alcohol Habit | £66

Gambling Habit | £66

Phobia | £66

Weight Loss | £45

Past life regression | £ 77

Online sessions | £33* 

Please ask if your problem is not listed as Hypnotherapy can be helpful for many things 

*online excludes past life regression this is a face to face appointment

Healing Treatments

Reiki | £33

Angel Reiki | £33

Angel Healing | £33

Animal Reiki | £33

Ear Candling | £33 Inc Scalp massage

Distance Reiki | £11 -  You will be given a date and time to receive.


Massage Full Body | £44 Including Reiki healing

Massage Back, Neck , Shoulder & Scalp | £33 

Indian Head Massage |£33 

Other Treatments & Services

Moonology Forecast | £44 

Using the date, time and place of birth - this will give you an insight of how the moon energies play a part in your every day life.  Helping you manifest and get the outcome you desire. Giving you a 12 month forecast.  

All-purpose interpretations birth chart report | £25 - By Email

In-depth report using your date of birth, the place and time your where born.  Including a  brief introduction to the concepts of astrology. Getting to know who you really are.

Life goals, Home,, Education and communication, Relationships, Motivation, Career, Creativity and originality, and challenges in life. Purpose and joy

Lunar Returns Report| £25 - By Email

The Moon has been long known for its effect on planet Earth. Together with the gravitational pull of the Earth and the Sun it is known to influence the ebb and flow of the tides of oceans. The Earth’s large moon makes it unique in the inner Solar System. The Earth’s large moon makes it unique in the inner Solar System and in turn has aided astrologers to associate the cycles of the Moon with human affairs, in particular the emotions of individuals.

This report includes:

An Introduction to Lunar Returns explaining the concept of a monthly forecast chart.

Your Temperament during the Month, Your Emotional Satisfaction during the Month. Turning Points during the Month, Your Vitality during the Month, Your Communication Needs during the month, Your drive and determination during the month ,  Your Social Needs during the month.  This is unique to you as we use your Date, time and place that you where born.  

Angel Report | £25 - By Email

The mysteries of the Angelic realms unfold in this beautifully written and illustrated astrology report.

With an emphasis on Neptune in the chart, this report includes:

An Introduction to Angels in Astrology, Angels of the Cardinal Directions, Your Most Powerful Angelic Connections, Angels in Your Daily Life, Interacting with Angels,  a glossary of Angels and other Angelic information. This report is unique to you as we use your date, time and place you where born to make the report

Health and Wellbeing Report | £25 - By Email

Health and Wellbeing is an insightful astrology report with tips about diet, exercise and healing modalities. This wonderful report helps you identify and transform imbalances of energy and negative emotional patterns, as well as discover ways to boost your self-esteem and discover renewed energy and purpose.

The report contains:

Your General Temperament:, Your Emotional Health, Your Spiritual Essence, Your Vitality, Managing the Physical Demands of Living, Your Physical Body and Energy, Your Strengths and Sensitivities, Your Inner Needs and Outer Experiences, Work and Health, Managing the Impact of Stress, Limiting the impact of Chronic Stress,  Your Physical Energy and Exercise, Healing Solutions.  This is unique to you as we use your date, place and time of birth to forecast the report. 

Vocation Report | £25 - By Email

Vocation provides an in-depth insight into the soul’s expression through career. It provides an astrological consideration of your vocational potentialities and to help you, and anyone who reads this report, to reflect on a fulfilling career path.

The report contains: An Introduction to Vocation,  Vocation and Destiny, Vocation and Direction, Vocation and Character,  Income, Work,  and Profession,   This is unique to you as we use your time,, date and place of birth.

Goddess Report  | £25 - by Email

The mystery and power of 12 goddesses are revealed in this ground-breaking report helping you to discover your true potential. You can read about the mythology of 12 Greco-Roman Asteroid Goddesses as well as the interpretations of each in the sign and house of your birth chart.

The report contains:  An Insightful Introduction to Goddess Mythology,  The Mythology of each of the 12 Asteroid Goddess,  Ceres, The Earth Mother ,  Pallas Athene, The Wisdom of the Warrior,  Juno, Socialising the Soul ,  Vesta, The Inner Life,  Hygieia, The Soul of Health,   Ariadne, The Labyrinth of the Soul ,  Europa:, The Soul of the Earth,  Pandora:, A Gift of Hope,  Mnemosyne, The Soul of Memory.  Hecate, The Soul in Transition,  Cassandra:, The Prophetic Soul ,and  Madea, Herbalist and Healer.   

This is unique to you as we use your date, time and place of birth to forecast the report.

Healing and Oracle Card Reading | £11 - Online

Online reading, you will choose a few cards with your health in mind. The cards reveal what you need for self help. Using my intuition you will get the answers you need.

Angel Card Reading | £ 22 - Online

Using Angel cards you choose your cards, with a question in mind . Let the cards reveal what you need to know.  A lovely online reading.  Using my intuition and Angel Guidance you will get the answers you need to know.

Tarot Card Reading | £33 - Online   Card of the day 

Using Tarot cards you choose your cards online, with a question in mind . Let the cards reveal what you need to know.  A lovely online reading using my intuition, giving you an insight  and guidance for the future.

*exclaimer Card readings are for entertainment purposes only.