My Hypnotherapy Journey

I started my journey into Hypnotherapy 20 Years ago, after having a treatment. I went for a session of Hypnotherapy after a breakup of a relationship, that had made me physically and mentally ill.  Now I see I was meant to go through that relationship, in order to do what I do now.  After just one session it changed my life and I wanted to help people like this. So, I sort out training at the time in my local area. I trained with an excellent Master Terri Ann Laws – Mental Combat in Manchester, Terri Ann accomplished so much in her life including writing a book in 2008. Terri Ann Laws has authored books, contributing valuable insights to personal development and well-being. Her work resonates with audiences worldwide, drawing learners from diverse backgrounds. Terri Ann is sadly no longer with us.

Terri Ann Laws is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer, recognized for her expertise in training other trainers. She founded several impactful initiatives, including:

The International Mind Institute: A platform that offers practical training courses for corporates, individuals, healers, teachers, and families.

Mental Combat: An approach that equips individuals with tools to navigate mental challenges effectively.

Brat Control: Focused on empowering parents and caregivers to manage challenging behaviours in children.

I was so blown away with my training I was keen to start practicing and helping people in the way it helped me.  I soon realised that people from all walks of life would benefit from this treatment, as it is covered absolutely everything you can think of.

   The first part of my training I had to complete 45 Hours of Stress Relief and Relaxation demonstrating competence and understanding to obtain my certification. I was so eager to learn more I started my second part of my training, I went on to obtain my Diploma in Hypnotherapy, completing a further 85 hours of training specialising in stress relief, relaxation, pain control and healing. Demonstrating again the understanding and competence of the art of Hypnotherapy.  The third part of my training I went more into Hypnotherapy, training further and obtained my Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy Certificate after a further 150 hours of training and application of hypnosis, demonstrating a competence and understanding the art.  Delving into Past Life Regression and all aspects of Hypnotherapy. I completed all training by 2004 and started to help people.

I have been surprised with the wide range of things people come into my safe space with. People are nervous about coming in to see me.  When they are in my company for a few minutes, they soon forget this and open up. Surprising themselves just how easy they find this.  I have worked with Phobia’s, Past Life, Childhood trauma, Stop Smoking, Weight problems, Stress, Anxiety, Disorders, Habits.  The list is honestly endless.